Eurovision 2012 1st semi-final prediction

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Ah, the annual botched exercises in quality control that are the Eurovision Song Contest semi finals – last year I successfully predicted 17 out of 20 succesful qualifying nations. Though bare in mind I completely overlooked the eventual winner, Azerbaijan. How will I do this year? Do read on!

(I am projecting those highlighted in bold to qualify.) 

You can see a brief 20 second preview of each song here.

01 Montenegro

I like this one as I am not entirely sure as to whether or not they are pulling the piss, but I doubt it will resonate enough to go through.

02 Iceland

Two gorgeous blondes singing a violin based song with a dramatic key change – not only will I be surprised if they don’t get through – I shall cry!

03 Greece

Greece can’t afford anything original this year so they’ve rehashed their entry from 2008 and are hoping for the best. Infectious enough to go through though.

04 Latvia

And Latvia can’t afford a lyricist it seems.

05 Albania

A good old-fashioned Balkan ballad with a strong singer. Would love to see this get in, but I reckon it’s only a maybe.

06 Romania

Juvinelle and infectious and probably getting in. Are you happy now, Svante?

07 Switzerland

Over caffeinated Coldplay

08. Belgium

Heard this a few times on the radio here – she has great voice but a forgettable song.

09. Finland

Alskar Svenska! I want this in the Final. It’s a bit too slow though.

10 Israel

Oh you’re just being annoying.

11 San Marino

Only a matter of time before there was a Eurovision song written about facebook. All this does is remind us that San Marino are just here to make up the numbers.

12. Cyprus

All the euroqueens love this. I am unoffended by it. Let’s leave it at that.

13. Denmark

A good song, but far from adventurous, (well, this is Denmark we’re talking about)

14. Russia

Yes, yes, the Babushki are cute and all; and all the publicity they’ve gotten plus all of Russia’s terrified neighbours will ensure this festering turd of a song makes it to Saturday.

15. Hungary

Yea go on then.

16. Austria

If you’re gonna have a novelty song you should at least make it as offensive as possible.

17. Moldova

A maybe

18. Ireland

Hats off to Jedward. In the space of three short minutes they remind me of everything I hate about Ireland and when they qualify, they shall remind me of everything that is wrong with the modern contest.


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