A note on the finalists.

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People forget about the prequalified countries. Personally, I find it harder to predict how they’ll do but here goes. Here’s a preview clip.

01 United Kingdom

Yea, I thought it was a joke when this guy was announced by the beeb as singing for Blighty. The song is no winner, but it should be borne in mind that the old boy can still sing and has a large older following around Europe. Top 10 finish not out of the question at all.

09 France

Putain! This is the country that gave us Sebastien Tellier and Patricia Kaas as entries in the past five years.. and now this – your supposed to set trends not follow them!

10 Italy

It’s still a novelty to have Italy back and it’s great that they have picked someone as prominent as Nina Zilli to sing for them. The song is alright; catchy but overhyped. Top 10 let’s say. I can’t understand their decision to sing (mostly) in English.

13 Azerbaijan

Written by the same people (hired Swedes) as last year’s winner and equally forgettable.

19 Spain

This is a text book Spanish entry – a female singer with a ballad about unrequited love with relatively simple lyrics (not even I was reaching “por mi dicionario” that much when I heard it) and a high note at the end that the aforementioned singer simply must reach or all is lost. It is all rather well done though and I think this could surprise. Top 5 maybe?

20 Germany

An endearing mid tempo ballad that could do well. Guessing lower top 10.


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