Eurovision 2016 1st Semi-Final Prediction

In Uncategorized on May 10, 2016 by shaneheneghan

It’s a cliché at this stage to say that the 1st semi-final is usually the worst of the two but it’s rarely pointed out that this also makes it harder to predict. If that sounds like an easy cop-out for me when these predictions prove to be disastrously wrong that’s simply because… it is. The songs I have predicted to qualify are in bold. 


More than a bit old fashioned. Not bad by Finnish standards… but “thems ain’t high standards” and this really doesn’t stand much chance given that it is being performed first.


I think this will be borderline. Even if it is more than a bit repetitive there will always be a constituency for Greeks singing about Utopias. They have qualified with a lot worse but it’s hard to stand out from the start of the running order.


An unremarkable eastern Euro dance number. Word from the rehearsals is that she shall have a robot on stage and sing partly in French. So erm… watch out for that.


This is the kind of mid tempo stuff that sneaks into the final easily enough. Them shoulders though.


This is not very Balkan for Croatia. It has been touted as a bit of a dark horse to do rather well. I’m not sure why but I do think it will probably go in on buzz alone.


More hype. I just don’t get the appeal of this. It’s apparently the 5th most likely to qualify. Far too unremarkable I’m gonna go out on a limb and say it doesn’t.


This starts like Adele being forced to perform in an operational aircraft hanger and tries to morph into Anastasia- should gather enough neighbour votes to progress.

San Marino

I. Can’t. Even. I didn’t know either pal.


This is the favourite to win the whole thing and as such, I wouldn’t say it’s qualification is in doubt but I just can’t warm to it. Essentially it’s a middle of the road up tempo East European entry with a helluva a lot of money poured into it’s production and promotion. What really leaves a bad aftertaste is that it has the most predictable key change in a contest that is known for the most predictable key changes.

Czech Republic

I think a strong ballad after Russia will provide a strong contrast and should get in without any trouble.


Think the Killers with a hangover. Apparently, people like this.


Essentially this a knock off of Vannessa Paradis but I think something like this just about stands out enough to get in


Relatively mediocre ballad even if the singer is more than a tad intense.


Another Azeri entry written by Swedes. The odds have greatly lengthened on this in the past few weeks. The studio version is very radio friendly and I think a half decent performance will get it through but I’m gonna go way way out on a limb and say the same gimmick doesn’t work for them this time.


I can’t tell the difference between this and Cyprus.


I like this. She’s a Nordic Florence Welch. Catchy enough to stay in people’s heads until the phone lines open.

Bosnia – Herzegovina

This is one of the more ethnic things you’ll hear tonight and will probably get through on that basis alone.


One of the most Eurovisiony songs of the evening and given Ira Losco has finished 2nd in Eurovision already I have a feeling she knows what she’s doing.


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