Eurovision 2017 Semi-Final 1 Preview

In Uncategorized on May 9, 2017 by shaneheneghan

Oh but it’s a weak year all told. Here’s my traditional run-down of the 1st Eurovision semi final. My predicted qualifiers are in bold.

  • Sweden

Sweden always bring their a-game. It’s tough to go first but this is memorable enough to go through.

  • Georgia

This sounds like the theme song to 1980s Mexican telenovella desperately attempting to masquerade a as a bond theme. Hard pass.

  • Australia

Australia are becoming part of the furniture of this contest and I’m starting to be ok with that. This is however, is a little bit dull and not nearly as strong as their first two attempts. It’s possibly still professional enough to make the final. Borderline.

  • Albania

I have a feeling this is the song that Georgia’s was trying to be. A reasonably strong Balkan ballad but I don’t think it will make it.

  • Belgium

This is definitely one of the strongest songs this year. I’m worried that it might be quite hard to perform in this kind of environment particularly given that the singer is just 17 and has limited experience. I cross my fingers for her but given what I hear from rehearsals I don’t think this will go through.

  • Montenegro

It’s forever gay 1994 in Montenegro.

  • Finland

One of those Eurovision ballads people will either love or hate- that I rather like- it’s main challenge will be to make the final. If this is sun well it may stand out and it can do well.

  • Azerbaijan

Yes, I’m still getting a slight 90s theme. But in this case and I’ll do the same for the lyrics that are just a tad cerebral for a Eurovision semi-final.

  • Portugal

Dare I say it- I’m excited for this one. Call me conservative but it is saddening to think that this is the only song in a native language in the whole first semi-final. Idiosyncratic, but formidable enough to do very well on Saturday.

  • Greece

“In the third phase of the bailout programme, the production of Greece’s Eurovision entrys will be taken over by Disney PLC in perpetuity”
Always read the fine print.

  • Poland

Just a small bit of Slavic drama. Just don’t mess up the vocals love-  do that and the Polish diaspora will do the rest.

  • Moldova

A glorious eastern European earworm. Prime-meta Eurovision. Trust me- just go with it.

  • Iceland

A bit of decent Nordic pop. The betting odds say this will not qualify – with two other Nordic countries voting this evening I feel comfortable going out on a limb. More like this is needed.

  • Czech Republic

Inoffensive ballad at best but not likely to go far.

  • Cyprus

There is nothing wrong with this. It’s just a bit repetitive and comes in a bit of a natural lull in the running order

  • Armenia

This is a tad overrated if you ask me but it is hypnotic and should easily get into the final.

  • Slovenia

It’s so unfortunate when strong singers are given such weak songs.

  • Latvia

Repetitive but just different enough to stand out here.



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