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Eurovision predictions 2013 (Semi-Final 2)

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I got 8/10 on Tuesday so without further ado here are my predictions for tonight.

(oh and here’s a brief clip of each of the songs)

01. Latvia: A 90s rap with a Baltic twist. Yea, go ahead and pour yourself that drink.

02. San Marino: I like it. A lot better than her song last year and liked by other fans.

03. Macedonia: There is nothing about this song that stands out.

04. Azerbaijan: This song represents everything that is wrong with the contest today; a dull and formulaic American-style ballad with writers that may never have even visited Azerbaijan. Of course it will probably get through.

05. Finland: “I don’t think that I know ladies that would give you cuter babies” – Can’t help but love it. Hela Norden I Finalen jag tycker!

06 Malta: Go on then. God knows Malta want to win this more than most.

07. Bulgaria: I am possibly alone in liking this. It’s a maybe but I gotta draw the line somewhere.

08. Iceland. ICELANDIC!! FOR THE FIRST TIME SINCE 1997. Ahem. Excuse me. This is a very sweet song sung in one of Europe’s most beautiful languages. I want it in.

09. Greece It’s this year’s novelty meets ethnicy entry. Should make it.

10. Israel: Unremarkable ballad.

11. Armenia: The whole Caucuses can’t go through and I think will be left wanting.

12. Hungary. Well I like it. I’m taking a risk here and saying it will go through.

13. Norway: Easily the most contemporary of tonight’s entries and it should get in on that alone.

14. Albania: No more ethno-rock. Thank you.

15. Georgia: See Azerbaijan

16. Switzerland: Sending a multi-generational chapter of the Salvation Army to sing a mid-tempo Eurovision entry- nice move – more Swiss exceptionalism.

17. Romania: Techno falsetto. So no.



Eurovision predictions 2013 (Semi-Final 1)

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My beloved Eurovision like many other European institutions before her finds herself in crisis it seems.  Turkey, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Portugal and Poland have all withdrawn leaving me unable to vote in a Eurovision song contest final for the first time since 1997. (Wstydź się, TVP!)

Bad timing means the contest falls smack bang in the middle of my second semester exams so I have neglected the faith a little this year.

On the plus side the withdrawls make this year’s semi-finals mathematically slightly easier to predict the finalists – with two semi-finals of 16 and 17 participants respectively. Can I do as well as last year when I predicted 17/20? –   Here’s a brief recap of tonight’s songs . My predictions for semi-final one are in bold below. Here we go.

 01 Austria: Catchy, positive, up-tempo and inoffensive. If she sings well she’s in.

02 Estonia: A repetitive sweet ballad in Estonian. She will be border line but she will be there.

03 Slovenia: Hmm… probably not.

04 Croatia: Nice ballad. I like their harmonisation but it doesn’t really stand out.

05: Denmark:  Another very safe song from Denmark. The Danes are in a phase of sending impeccably well produced if somewhat bland pop songs. It’s a decent entry don’t get me wrong. It will make the final but it has been over hyped a little. It’s not a winner.

06: Russia: I really hate it that the Russians of all people are singing something this Americanised- where on earth is Alla Pugacheva when you need her? That said, it’s not wise to bet against Russia getting into the final and it doesn’t sound like a hard song to sing so she should make it.

07: Ukraine: They have spent rather a lot on promoting this song and I think it is catchy enough to make the final.

08: Netherlands: Definitely one of my favourites this year and it will certainly outclass pretty much everything else in this semi-final at least. Anouk should end the Dutch nine year wait to get back into the finals. I’ll cry if she doesn’t.

09:  Montenegro: What? Is this what has become of Balkan Turbo folk? Because if it is lads, ye can keep it.

10: Lithuania: Killers style ballad. Only worse.

11: Belarus: Its guilty pleasures like this that keep me as a Eurovision fan. Infectious, trashy, kitsch… just brilliant. Who want’s to go to a dictatorship next year?

12: Moldova: Inoffensive, rather dull ballad. Her frock will be the highlight of the performance.

13: Ireland: RTE sticks to the same tired formula of following Eurovision rather than leading it. So we have a dodgy knock-off of last year’s winner. That said I’m sure this will be presented and supported well.

14: Cyprus: I kinda like this but no one else seems to and to be fair I think we’ve had enough ballads.

15: Belgium: I like this. I think this might have a grey chance of making in the final this is the prediction I’m the least confident about. It’s a good song but mid-tempo songs rarely have it easy. We shall see.

16: Serbia: Well I guess we need something text book Balkan Eurovision don’t we?


Eurovision 2012 2nd semi-final prediction

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I am not nearly as confident tonight as I was with my predictions on Tuesday.

How and ever.

Countries I project to go through are highlighted in bold.

01 Serbia

This will get in easy enough. It’s a nice ballad and the singer came 2nd back in 2004.

02 Macedonia

Not terribly memorable.

03 Netherlands

Quirky, I like it. As long as she doesn’t wear anything too daft (and she might because that’s “Dutch humour”) then she should just make it.

04 Malta

Malta is the kid that tries too hard to be like the others.

05 Belarus

Oh my no.

06 Portugal

Ohhh I do have a soft spot for a bita fado! This would raise the bar just a little bit if it got through though my head says it’s only a strong maybe.

07 Ukraine

Bitta double jobbing going on – this is also the official song for Euro 2012. It’s very Ukrainian and they’ve done well with this kinda thing before.

08 Bulgaria

Repetitive. Even by Eurovision standards.

09 Slovenia

Go on then.

10 Croatia

This town aint big enough for two typically Balkan songs in a row.

11 Sweden

The most commercial thing in this year’s contest by a mile. Infectious and well produced.

12 Georgia

Ah Jaysus Georgia! If it was Finland that sent this I’d say something but we know you can do better. Awful, just awful.

13 Turkey

People seem to like this. I can’t take to it really, but I can see it getting in.

14 Estonia

I like this and I love them for singing in Estonian.

15 Slovakia

Hmm, I doubt it.

16 Norway

Eric Saade’s less-hot-but-still-hawt cousin for Norway. This will be in.

17 Bosnia & Herzogivina


18 Lithuania



A note on the finalists.

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People forget about the prequalified countries. Personally, I find it harder to predict how they’ll do but here goes. Here’s a preview clip.

01 United Kingdom

Yea, I thought it was a joke when this guy was announced by the beeb as singing for Blighty. The song is no winner, but it should be borne in mind that the old boy can still sing and has a large older following around Europe. Top 10 finish not out of the question at all.

09 France

Putain! This is the country that gave us Sebastien Tellier and Patricia Kaas as entries in the past five years.. and now this – your supposed to set trends not follow them!

10 Italy

It’s still a novelty to have Italy back and it’s great that they have picked someone as prominent as Nina Zilli to sing for them. The song is alright; catchy but overhyped. Top 10 let’s say. I can’t understand their decision to sing (mostly) in English.

13 Azerbaijan

Written by the same people (hired Swedes) as last year’s winner and equally forgettable.

19 Spain

This is a text book Spanish entry – a female singer with a ballad about unrequited love with relatively simple lyrics (not even I was reaching “por mi dicionario” that much when I heard it) and a high note at the end that the aforementioned singer simply must reach or all is lost. It is all rather well done though and I think this could surprise. Top 5 maybe?

20 Germany

An endearing mid tempo ballad that could do well. Guessing lower top 10.


Eurovision 2012 1st semi-final prediction

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Ah, the annual botched exercises in quality control that are the Eurovision Song Contest semi finals – last year I successfully predicted 17 out of 20 succesful qualifying nations. Though bare in mind I completely overlooked the eventual winner, Azerbaijan. How will I do this year? Do read on!

(I am projecting those highlighted in bold to qualify.) 

You can see a brief 20 second preview of each song here.

01 Montenegro

I like this one as I am not entirely sure as to whether or not they are pulling the piss, but I doubt it will resonate enough to go through.

02 Iceland

Two gorgeous blondes singing a violin based song with a dramatic key change – not only will I be surprised if they don’t get through – I shall cry!

03 Greece

Greece can’t afford anything original this year so they’ve rehashed their entry from 2008 and are hoping for the best. Infectious enough to go through though.

04 Latvia

And Latvia can’t afford a lyricist it seems.

05 Albania

A good old-fashioned Balkan ballad with a strong singer. Would love to see this get in, but I reckon it’s only a maybe.

06 Romania

Juvinelle and infectious and probably getting in. Are you happy now, Svante?

07 Switzerland

Over caffeinated Coldplay

08. Belgium

Heard this a few times on the radio here – she has great voice but a forgettable song.

09. Finland

Alskar Svenska! I want this in the Final. It’s a bit too slow though.

10 Israel

Oh you’re just being annoying.

11 San Marino

Only a matter of time before there was a Eurovision song written about facebook. All this does is remind us that San Marino are just here to make up the numbers.

12. Cyprus

All the euroqueens love this. I am unoffended by it. Let’s leave it at that.

13. Denmark

A good song, but far from adventurous, (well, this is Denmark we’re talking about)

14. Russia

Yes, yes, the Babushki are cute and all; and all the publicity they’ve gotten plus all of Russia’s terrified neighbours will ensure this festering turd of a song makes it to Saturday.

15. Hungary

Yea go on then.

16. Austria

If you’re gonna have a novelty song you should at least make it as offensive as possible.

17. Moldova

A maybe

18. Ireland

Hats off to Jedward. In the space of three short minutes they remind me of everything I hate about Ireland and when they qualify, they shall remind me of everything that is wrong with the modern contest.