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Eurovision predictions 2013 (Semi-Final 2)

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I got 8/10 on Tuesday so without further ado here are my predictions for tonight.

(oh and here’s a brief clip of each of the songs)

01. Latvia: A 90s rap with a Baltic twist. Yea, go ahead and pour yourself that drink.

02. San Marino: I like it. A lot better than her song last year and liked by other fans.

03. Macedonia: There is nothing about this song that stands out.

04. Azerbaijan: This song represents everything that is wrong with the contest today; a dull and formulaic American-style ballad with writers that may never have even visited Azerbaijan. Of course it will probably get through.

05. Finland: “I don’t think that I know ladies that would give you cuter babies” – Can’t help but love it. Hela Norden I Finalen jag tycker!

06 Malta: Go on then. God knows Malta want to win this more than most.

07. Bulgaria: I am possibly alone in liking this. It’s a maybe but I gotta draw the line somewhere.

08. Iceland. ICELANDIC!! FOR THE FIRST TIME SINCE 1997. Ahem. Excuse me. This is a very sweet song sung in one of Europe’s most beautiful languages. I want it in.

09. Greece It’s this year’s novelty meets ethnicy entry. Should make it.

10. Israel: Unremarkable ballad.

11. Armenia: The whole Caucuses can’t go through and I think will be left wanting.

12. Hungary. Well I like it. I’m taking a risk here and saying it will go through.

13. Norway: Easily the most contemporary of tonight’s entries and it should get in on that alone.

14. Albania: No more ethno-rock. Thank you.

15. Georgia: See Azerbaijan

16. Switzerland: Sending a multi-generational chapter of the Salvation Army to sing a mid-tempo Eurovision entry- nice move – more Swiss exceptionalism.

17. Romania: Techno falsetto. So no.